Rebecca James - North Georgia Violin Teacher

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About Me

Learn a little more about me as a violin teacher
Never too young for violin

Never Too Young

Many people ask me how young to start their children on the violin. I started when I was 3 years old!

Violin Practice


Scheduling weekly lessons with me is easy with my online booking app. I can keep you up to date with lesson notes in Google Docs. I regularly post practice tracks in my Facebook Group

North Georgia and Chattanooga Area


I teach students from Chattanooga, Ringgold, Lafayette, and the surrounding area out of my home in Rock Spring, GA.

Solid Technical Foundation Violin Skills


My students to learn to play by ear as well as by reading notes. You will learn a few new skills with each piece, building and expanding a solid technical foundation.



I have been teaching for over 25 years, majored in violin performance at Covenant College, and have played with the Chattanooga Symphony for 20 years.



Learning violin may seem painfully slow at first, but I promise you will cry tears of joy hearing your child play “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” beautifully for the very first time.

Pricing Details

Rather than paying per-lesson, my students pay per-month. If the month has extra weeks, you do not pay more. If you have to skip a lesson here and there, you do not pay less. This makes everyone's scheduling a bit easier, and gives me more consistency. Choose the option that best suits the student:

30-Minute Weekly Lessons

  • Beginner Students
  • Intermediate Students
  • Any age can start
$100per month

60-Minute Weekly Lessons

  • Intermediate Students
  • Advanced Students
  • Cover More Repertoire
  • Extra Practice Time Required
$180per month


Hear what my students have to say
  • Customer Testimonails

    My son, Paul, has been taking violin lessons with Rebecca James for over five years and I cannot say enough good things about her as a teacher. She is an incredible, knowledgeable professional and is also patient and kind. I have been so happy and pleased at the progress and accomplishments Paul has made under her expertise. I feel unbelievably blessed to have her teaching my son and highly recommend her as a teacher for anyone interested in learning, playing and mastering violin!

    Steve Knotts
  • Customer Testimonails

    My daughter has taken violin lessons with Ms. Rebecca for over five years. Ms. Rebecca is a wonderful teacher! She is knowledgeable, patient, and kind. She knows the right balance of challenging a student to the get most out of them, while still keeping them engaged and loving the violin. I highly recommend her.

    Joni Huff
  • Customer Testimonails

    Ms. Rebecca is an incredible teacher. She is patient and always makes sure that I understand everything and that I am able to ask all of the questions I need to. I have been taking violin lessons with her for over five years and I couldn't ask for a better teacher.

    Kieralee (age 12)

Policies Overview

Get an idea of what it is like to learn with me


If you do not already own a violin, I can help you get set up! I help my father with his business Fiddles and Sticks, and we can supply you with an affordable violin setup in any size. For beginner students I recommend renting as the kids tend to outgrow their instruments quickly. Once you are ready for a full-size instrument, I recommend trying as many quality violins as you can to find the one that best suits you.


Please bring the following items with you in addition to your instrument:

  1. At your first lesson I will provide a notebook for keeping track of your practice tasks; bring this notebook at each lesson.
  2. All beginning students will need Suzuki Book One for violin and the companion CD. You may begin listening to the CD right away! (The more, the better.) You will also need "Sight Reading Skills for Suzuki Students" by Suzanne Schreck. (Volume 1)
  3. More advanced students that are new with me should bring all the material that they have been working on up to this point and we will take it from there.


For students 12 and under I expect parents to attend the lesson with the child. Lessons are year-round (I do not stop teaching in the summer). Lessons are once per week, paid at the beginning of the month. Let me know in advance if you will have a scheduled absence, but I do not pro-rate my monthly fee–that's how I keep it so low! Please try to arrive on time every week. Your lesson time slot begins on time whether you are with me or not so if you are late, you are cutting yourself short. If I must miss a lesson, I will make an effort to schedule a make-up lesson.


I will be having Spring and Fall recitals as my studio grows. I will require ALL students to attend and perform on the recitals. This is a big part of learning the performance aspects of the violin!